Skaudvilė Region Museum

Skaudvilė Region Museum is located in the historical 1900s. in the building of Skaudvilė district. In the museum you will see archeological finds, a medical collection, the office of the county secretary, various documents, photographs and publications, finds of the Second World War. Skaudvilė was famous for its huge markets, during the days of which a long convoy of carriages stretched. In the exposition that remembers all this, you will see craftsmen’s work tools and articles, weighing devices. A rich ethnographic exhibition will tell stories about the life of peasants about 100 years ago.


Tauragės str. 24, Skaudvilė


Working Hours

Monday – Thursday – 8-17.
Friday – 8-17.
The museum is closed on public holidays.

Lunch break 12 – 12.45 p.m.
Visits to the museum during other hours and Saturdays can be arranged in advance.


2 € – ticket price for adults.

1 € – ticket price for pensioners, students, conscripts, pupils of educational institutions, the disabled and persons assisting them.

Free admission:
For groups of students of Tauragė district educational institutions and accompanying teachers on Wednesdays. For preschool children. Honorary citizens of Tauragė, official guests and delegations of Tauragė district municipality, members of the International Council of Museums (ICOM), museologists of the Republic of Lithuania (upon presentation of a certificate).

MUZIEJŲ NAKTIS 2024 Skaudvilėje
May 18

Šiemet kviečiame pažinti netradicines erdves, išeiti į gatves, patirti, pajusti, pamatyti, sužinoti ir pasilinksminti. Gegužės 18-ąją Skaudvilėje vyks MUZIEJŲ NAKTIS 2024. Nemokamai lankytojų laukiame:10 – 16 val. A. Čepausko dailės galerijoje;10 – 16 val. ir 19 – 22 val. Skaudvilės krašto muziejuje. Kviečiame į renginius:16 val. Protmūšis (A. Čepausko dailės galerija)Dalyvauja Skaudvilės krašto bendruomenių ir […]

Skaudvilė Region Museum