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Tauragė Region Museum was established on September 1, 1990. For a long time, it operated as a subdivision of the Cultural Center of Tauragė District Municipality and was called the Santaka Museum. It was named because the life history and customs of people of different denominations and nationalities flow into one river in Tauragė district. After the reorganization that took place on February 1, 2010, the Tauragė Region Museum, a budgetary institution of Tauragė District Municipality, was established. The structure of the museum currently consists of the Department of History-Ethnography, the Department of Nature-Photography, Exile and Resistance Museum, Skaudvilė Regional Museum and Alfonsas Čepauskas Art Gallery.

The museum is managed and organized by the director. Employees organize their activities according to the regulations of the departments, collect information and exhibits related to the cultural history, nature, people of Tauragė region, organize expositions, research and popularize the accumulated museum values, cooperate with researchers of higher education institutions and colleagues of other museums. The museum’s collection consists of nearly 20,000 exhibits. The largest are collections of history and ethnography and folk art. Bird stuffing and various mugs are made in the nature section.

2019 At the beginning of the 19th century, modern spaces opened their doors in Tauragė Castle, where visitors can enjoy the expositions of History, Ethnography and Nature, and modern technology will not let them get bored. You will learn the history of the Tauragė region from ancient times to the world wars that devastated the region. You will experience what people lived here, what they did, what things they used, what they wrote and produced. In the huge nature hall you will get acquainted with animals: birds, beasts, beetles and mollusks. In the archeological tower you will be greeted by a white dwarf named Barzdukas, who will tell you about the tribes that lived here: the Scalovians and the Samogitians. You will be able to try out a magical interactive sandbox, find things hidden on the ground yourself and admire the jewelry and tools made by people thousands of years ago. You will see ancient white symbols glowing in the dark and … your teeth! Exhibitions of the best works of the country’s photographers will be waiting for you in the photo gallery tower, and in the “Age” tower, full of modern technologies, you will descend to the basement, where you can see what it means to hide under bombed buildings, times to the present day, and by climbing to the second floor you will be able to relax from the excitement, meditate calmly by seeing the vault of the stars and hearing the peaceful sounds. You will end your journey around the castle in the castle cellars, which once housed a prison. While there, you will learn about Tauragė customs, border relations, book smuggling and booksellers. There is a conference hall. The exhibitions are constantly changing in the mobile exhibition hall. The museum actively cooperates with folk artists of the region, organizes authorial, regional and regional folk art exhibitions.

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