Exile and Resistance Museum

The museum is located in the former headquarters of the NKVD. There were cells in the basement and interrogations were taking place on the upper floors. The exposition tells about exile, prisons and labour camps, about the life of partisans and the suffering of the resistance. In the interactive interrogation room, visitors can participate in such an interrogation themselves. A partisan bunker-hideout is installed in the museum premises. There is an opportunity to see an authentic NKVD educational film about the search for partisan hideouts and bunkers, to see a hologram. There is also Lithuanian Reform Movement exposition, which reminds of important events for the state and Tauragė during the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Prezidento g. 38



Working Hours

Tue. – 8-17.
Wed. – 13-17.
Thu. – 8-17.
Fri. – 8-15.45.
Sat. – 10-16.

The museum is closed on public holidays.


2 € – ticket price for adults.
1 € – ticket price for non-Tauragė district students.

Free admission:

Pensioneers, students, conscripts, pupils of Tauragė educational institutions, the disabled and persons assiting them. For preschool children.

Deportees, political prisoners.

Honorary citizens of Tauragė, official guests and delegations of Tauragė district municipality, members of the International Council of Museums (ICOM), museologists of the Republic of Lithuania (upon presentation of a certificate).

Tour Prices

10 € – additional visitor ticket is required

Muziejų naktis Šubertinėje
May 18

Gegužės 18 d., Tarptautinę muziejų dieną, visi keliai veda į pažinimą. TKM „Santaka“ padalinys Tremties ir rezistencijos muziejus, įkurtas buvusioje NKVD būstinėje, tauragiškių vadinamas Šubertine, kviečia atrasti, patirti istorijos dvelksmą, išgyventi Laisvės gynėjų ir tremtinių patirtis. Tik išsaugoję istorinę atmintį  tampame atsparesni grėsmėms mūsų Valstybei, ypač kai visai greta mūsų vyksta skaudus karas, grasinantis Ukrainos […]

Tremties ir rezistencijos muziejus