Postcards Workshop

During the education, each participant will be introduced to the history of photography and one of the ways to obtain photography. Cyanotype is a printing process discovered in 1842. The result is a light or dark blue print. The photosensitive material is applied to the paper surface. When the paper dries, a negative with the selected image of Tauragė city is placed on top. Exposure takes place under a UV lamp. After a few minutes, the resulting image should be rinsed in water. Each participant of the education will be able to print two images with the historical objects of the city of Tauragė, and send one of them to a friend in another city or state.

How to register? or 867867520

For: 5-11 grade pupils

Group: 20 people maximum

Price: 3 € per person

Duration: 1 – 1,5 hour

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