Withcraft for Bachelorette Party

An activity dedicated to the girl’s party, full of incantations, spells, love magic and superstitions, according to which in ancient times Lithuanians used to get married. Fostering the intangible cultural heritage of southern Samogitians, the educational program “Witchcraft” is conducted dialectically. Participants will taste and have a chat, and will have some delicious tea.

The educational program is led by event organizer – educator Renata Jančiauskienė. Duration 1 academic hour. Price 50 €. For bachelorette parties, up to 15 people.

Address: Tauragė Region Museum “Santaka” Dariaus ir Girėno str. 5 (Tauragė Castle Halls)

More information: 862259269 or renginiai@tauragesmuziejus.lt

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